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ProScan T-Series Total Station Tracking Hands On

February 16, 2015

When will the day come when you can get fast, clean engineering grade data as you walk your scanner through your building? Well, that day was a few years ago for SmartGeoMetrics, and now it just got better! P3dSystems has rolled out three modules for the kinematic ProScan; G-Series (GPS), I-Series (Inertial info), and the T-Series (Total Station Tracking).

Sam Billingsley, author of “Confessions of a Hired Gun” for SPAR Point Group, does an excellent job of providing an objective review of the hardware and acquisition process. A must read for laser scanning gear heads on an great kinematic data acquisition platform that works with many static scanners.

“…for larger areas (manufacturing facilities, warehouses, airports, construction sites, etc.) I’ve seen nothing that can touch its level of productivity and accuracy.”

You can find his full article here or find out more about the ProScan here.